Biking Through Farmland In Ireland

Tom by the river
Tom by the river


Most people don’t realize that while you are biking through farmland, it is very difficult to navigate in Ireland. After we got a good night’s sleep at the hotel, we went downstairs to get breakfast but had to stop at the shop because our bikes were getting fixed. After we picked up our bikes, they were in tip top shape, we had no intention of having any problems on our ride. But, as murphy’s law says, a lot of things went wrong.

Preparing to Ride

Whenever you go on a trip, it’s important to GPS tag yourself with whatever device you have. Especially while going through long planes of field and corn. You can get lost in all the chicken and pheasant farms that are popular in that country. If you are not going on a ride with your partner that is more that 8 hours long, you run the risk of being lost. That is why I always bring Tom along wherever I go. We like to call him the navigator.


Tom has a significant history as a long range navigator. He knows how to use a compass and knows exactly where he is at all times. We could get lost on a farm with nowhere to go, but, Tom will know how to get us out of there using the sun. I recommend bringing a friend along on your international trip who knows his way around the globe. One thing that is also interesting about Tom is that he is a midget. Back when I lived in Michigan, we hunted for a bike shop for midgets in detroit all the time and never had any luck. He is a great guy so eventually we found something. Thank goodness that we found him a midget bike.

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