How We Got Started


Touring restaurants

New places to eat and drink is something that people have been doing for centuries but I knew at a young age that I would want to be adventurous, travel around the world, meet new people, and take things seriously when it came to entertaining myself with food and drink. Specifically when travelling around Europe during my college years, I got hooked. I knew that I wanted to do this 24 hours and 7 days a week because I loved it so much. My classmates didn’t like the idea of me doing this travel all the time but I decided to ignore them and go after my dream of finding the best cuisine.

Getting Sponsored

It’s very hard to find sponsorships to promote a lifestyle of your choice, especially when it involves eating and a Eurotour. Luckily, while travelling around Spain I realized that the people there are nice enough to sponsor you and give you guidance on how to make it a reality.

Best Country Sponsor

That is why I decided to have my home base in Spain and return to the Leaning Tower on an ad-hoc basis. Who knew that the most interesting place would be a spanish country.

Join Us

Considering what we have done over the past 10 years, I would say that making it easier for everyone to be apart of our journey has been terrific. If you follow our guidance on how to travel and make a Eurotour fun, you will get a lot out of what we are doing and even find a few tips and tricks yourself. Make sure to strap in and hold on during our ride through the world.

Videos and Response

Eventually Tom and I toyed with the idea of starting videos in order to get into more depth about our adventures, but we realized that the cost of that would be too much so we will try to give out as many still pictures as possible. Feel free to comment on anything you see and give us feedback as to what we can do to improve. Most of the time we like to get phone calls from people who have done the same things as us.

Tom in Europe
Tom in Europe